Baera Forest is an exclusive territory for hunting both large and small game using bow, crossbow, powder gun or rifle at any time, with an individual or group permit. Wild life guides are available upon request.

The following Canadian Firearms Program information of particular interest to Non-Residents.
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MakwaIn autumn and spring alike, hunters may measure their skills against those of the black bear, Baera Forest’s totem animal. Before heading home, visitors may also go for some trout fishing.




Whitetail Deer

MakwaBaera Forest offers deer-hunting territories ranging in size between 4 and 11 km2, according to group number. The sites are baited centrally and equipped with strategically positioned miradors. Healthy wild life management practices authorize the harvesting of deers with four-point antlers or larger. When the season permits, visitors can combine deer, moose and small-game hunting. At the end of their stay, hunters may also enjoy trout fishing.




MakwaAt Baera Forest, moose hunting groups can access a territory of up to 24 km2. Hunting quotas are regularly revised to ensure sound management of this animal known for its majestic antlers. When the season permits, visitors may combine moose hunting with deer, small game hunting and trout fishing.




Small Game

MakwaBaera Forest hosts a generous population of grouse, hare and woodcock, all of which do well in traditional recipes. Small game hunting is an excellent way into more challenging hunting sports. And it combines well with fishing and other outdoor activities.