Off-the-grid, comfortable, ecological, modern and welcoming cottages and cabins.

Tucked away in the middle of the forest, on the side of creek, or near the shore of a beautiful lake, our cabins offer privacy and comfort in spring, summer and fall.  Capacity varies (from ranging from 2 to 12 guests). Each cabin is equipped with a propane refrigerator, propane range, kitchenware, wood stove, toilet and hot shower.  Solar panels offer environmentally friendly basic electrical service.

Free for guests aged 15 and under! 



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1 (450) 275-0535
Camp Le Guide Cabin

Le Guide

This rustic cottage is the former headquarters of our Baera guides! Right on the shore of Berneuil lake, with access to private dock and the best view of the lake.

6 guests
Camp Le Panache Cabin

Le Panache

This rustic cabin, with no neighbors in the vicinity, is situated in the heart of the forest. Peacefulness assured, for family or a group of friends! Gather for some fun around the campfire with no chance of waking up the neighbors...

5 guests
Camp Le Renard Cabin

Le Renard

This rustic cabin is located in the heart of the forest, right next to a stream, and a few minutes from a waterfall. Our pike lake is also close by. Ideal for hikers and nature lovers!

4 guests

Le Grand Pin

This large, roomy cabin is located on a point on Berneuil lake. Large porch, private dock and beech, with a spectacular view on the lake, its islands, and sunset!

10 guests
Chalet Le Ruisseau Cabin

Le Ruisseau

This large and comfy cottage is located near the Murphy stream. With no other cabin nearby, perfect to get away from it all, or gather with family and friends around the campfire with no risk of waking up the neighbors. Try your hand at flyfishing for native trout! This cottage is located 7km from the main lake and the Lodge.

10 guests
Chalet Le Huard Cabin

Le Huard

This comfortable cottage on stilts is right on Berneuil lake, with private dock. Let the sound of the waves gently put you to sleep at night.

6 guests
Chalet Le Héron Cabin

Le Héron

Le Héron is a comfy cottage right on the shore of Berneuil lake. All family members will enjoy this friendly, pleasant spot offering a great view of the lake.

10 guests

Le Lodge

Offering very spacious and modern accommodation, The Lodge will charm you with its unique welcoming atmosphere and its very long dock on Berneuil lake.

Up to 16 guest

Le Martin pêcheur

Le Martin Pêcheur (French for kingfisher) is a cabin of minimalist design, located on the shores of Canard lake. Its bright décor will please outdoor enthusiasts and ecological, energy-efficient design lovers. With private access to Canard lake, the cabin is also just a few meters away from Berneuil lake. Outdoor ambiance is on par, with benches, firepit and a picnic table.

5 guests

La P’tit Roche

La P'tite roche is a campsite located next to the Petit Berneuil lake, with a dock and a parking space.


Le Castor

Le Castor is a beautiful campsite next to Berneuil lake, with short private trail granting access to the water and a parking space.


Le Cerf

Le Cerf is a beautiful campsite next to Berneuil lake, with a short private trail granting access to the water and a parking space.

Le Canotier sauvage

Le Canotier sauvage is an adventure campsite, accessible by boat. Located on a point on Berneuil lake.


Activities for everyone

Summer or winter, Baera Forest is ideal to discover, or rediscover, the wild and wonderful nature which surrounds us. Camping, canoeing, fishing, hunting, backcountry skiing, birding… no matter what you prefer, you will step away from the city worries and find yourself breathing, relaxing in nature… with your loved one, your family, your friends…

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Located between the Outaouais and the Laurentides regions, Baera Forest is just a few hours’ drive from Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal and Quebec City.