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Moose Hunting

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Moose hunters can explore 24 square km of natural habitat, in their search for majestic antlers!

Hunting quotas at Baera Forest are regularly revised to ensure sustainable harvesting and contribute to preserving a healthy moose population.

When season allows, combine your trip with trout fishing or white-tailed deer hunting, for an even more memorable stay!

Included in your hunting package:
– Hunting site with stand or blind, salt lick-baited
– Hunting guide for orientation upon arrival and when game is harvested
– fishing access
– Private, off-the-grid cottage

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    White-Tailed Deer Hunting

    Baera Forest offers you White-Tailed deer hunting territories ranging from 4 to 11 square km. Sites are baited in the middle of these territories and equipped with blinds or stands strategically positioned.

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    Small Game Hunting

    Small game hunting is a great entry-level activity, preparing you for more involved hunts. 

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    Black Bear Hunting

    With 80 baited sites, Baera Forest manages the black bear population in a vast area which includes the Papineau Labelle wildlife reserve. Your black bear hunt will take place in a region where some of the highest black bear density per km2 is recorded in the province of Quebec.

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Located between the Outaouais and the Laurentides regions, Baera Forest is just a few hours’ drive from Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal and Quebec City.