FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Find answers to some of your questions here.

Take a look at this section to help with your planning, before you make your way to Baera Forest. You will find information about accommodation, activities and services. If you have unaswered questions, please give us a shout at 450 275-0535.

  • What are the different fees?

    Fees for different services and experiences vary according to the season, the number of guests, the type of activity and the cottage or cabin selected (if applicable). Click on the tab corresponding to the activity you want (or on a given cottage of your choice), just like if you were going to book. Select available dates in our calendar, the corresponding fee will then be presented.

Off-The-Grid, Welcoming and Ecological cottages and cabins

  • Qu’est-ce qui est fourni lorsqu’on séjourne en chalet ? Que doit-on apporter ?

    For environmental reasons, Baera Forest follows the “Pack-In, Pack-Out” principle. Our cabins use stored solar energy for lighting and for hot water (sink and shower).  Propane is used for the range and refrigerator (and for back-up lighting). Each cabin has an inside toilet (either wather-flushed or compost-type), as well as an outhouse nearby. There is a woodstove for heating, when needed.

    All cabins and cottages include:

    • refrigerator and range
    • propane BBQ (not in winter)
    • Woodstove and firewood
    • electrical lighting (solar-powered) and / or propane lighting
    • mattresses
    • pots and pans, kitchenware, utensils
    • kettle
    • coffee percolator
    • flush toilet, compost toilet and/or outhouse, and toilet paper
    • garbage bags
    • boat
    • dish soap and hand / body soap (biodegradable)

    PLEASE bring with you:

    • complete bedding (or sleeping bag), pillow and pillowcase
    • bath or beach towel, wash cloth, dish cloth eau potable
    • Food and beverages (including drinking water)
    • Bags to bring back with you waste, compostable and recyclable material
    • clothing and personal items
    • valid fishing and / or hunting license
    • All hunting and / or fishing gear, equipment
    • Lures and fishing worms (also available for purchase at Baera Forest). Note that use of leeches and minnows is prohibited.
    • PFD (Personal floatation device)
    • raincoat
    • Insect repellent and sunscreen

    You can consult the “Cabins” section of our website to see pictures of each cabin, and a detailed list of the exact equipment provided.

  • What are the check-in and check-out times?

    Check in is at or after 1:00 PM, check out is at 11:00 AM at the latest.

  • Is water safe to drink at Baera Forest?

    Our guests are asked to bring their drinking water with them, in sufficient quantity. Tap water in our cottages isn’t drinkable as-is;  boiling water for at least 5 minutes is suggested if you are out of drinking water. This said, our tap water is safe to clean the dishes and take a shower.

  • Can we have a campfire at Baera Forest?

    For safety reasons, campfires are allowed only in the designated firepit outside of each cabin.

  • Do we need to bring back our trash and recyclable items with us after our stay?

    Yes. As with many other outfitters and outdoor experience providers, we support the “Leave No Trace” philosophy – for ecological, operational and health reasons. Please bring back with you your garbage, recyclables and green residue. Plan on bringing appropriate bags for your stay.

  • Are pets welcome at Baera Forest?

    Yes. A supplemental cleaning fee of $50 is charged if you bring your pet. Outside, dogs must be on leash at all times. Please clean up after your dog.

  • Can we smoke inside the cabins?

    No. It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the cabins at Baera Forest.  Smoking is only allowed beyond 9 metres from any door. Il est strictement interdit de fumer à l’intérieur et à moins de 9 mètres de toutes porte.  Non-observance of this rule may incur supplemental fees of $150 for cleaning. Outside the cabin, please refrain from tossing your butts on the ground – this can pose a forest fire risk. Dispose of them responsibly.

  • Can we park our vehicle near the cabins?

    Yes; there is enough space to park your vehicle(s) nearby.

  • When were the Baera Forest cabins built?

    The outfitter began operations in 1939. Major renovations and upgrades were performed regularly throughout the decades; some as recently as 2015. Further developments are in the works for the near future.

Équipement and Services

  • What equipment can be rented, and what are the fees?

    You must bring your own PFD (personal Flotation Device); there are none available for rent at Baera Forest.

    The following is available:

    • Gas or electric outboard motor: $45 for the first day; $35 for for following day(s); or $175 for 7 days.
    • Gas fill-up or full-charge (deep-cycle battery): $10
  • Where can I charge my own electric outboard motor battery?

    When and if available, you can borrow a solar panel for top-up of your deep-cycle battery charge. Should you require more power, please ask the staff at Baera Forest.

  • Are four-wheelers allowed at Baera Forest?

    For safety reasons, four-wheeling is not allowed – although some exceptions exist, outside of hunting periods. Please speak with the site manager for more information.

  • Is there Wi-Fi at Baera Forest?

    There is no internet or Wi-Fi service offered at the moment at Baera Forest.

  • Is there cellular service at Baera Forest?

    Cellular service is patchy at best, in a few outside spots, and only for a few service providers. Connectivity cannot be assured and shouldn’t be expected.

  • What types of boats and motors are available?

    Baera Forest is providing 14- and 16-foot boats, either wood or aluminum. Our rental gas outboard motors are rated at 2.5 hp. Electrical motors can also be rented.

  • Can I bring my own boat or boat motor?

    No fishing boat, motor boat or outboard motor is allowed, aside from those provided by Baera Forest. You are allowed to bring your own small boats such as canoes, kayaks and paddleboards. These must have been cleaned prior to being put in one of our lakes to prevent contamination of the aquatic system (preventing spreading of  invasive aquatic plants or animals for example).

  • Do I need to bring the rental motor to the boat myself?

    No; if you do rent a motor, we will make sure it is installed on the boat at your cabin when you arrive. This being said, should you wish to explore another lake on Baera Forest’s territory (with prior authorization), you will wither need to transport the motor yourself to this location, or our staff can take care of this for a fee of $35. (Note: Boats are already on these other lakes.)

  • Can I use one of your powered boats on the lakes without my Pleasure Craft Operator Card?

    In accordance with the federal Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations, everyone who operates a power-driven boat needs proof of competency. We offer an introductory course on site if needed (Fees applicable).

  • Is camping allowed at Baera Forest?

    Yes, but please consult our calendar to verify our camping season opening and closing dates.

  • How far are the lakes from the cabins?

    The Héron, Huard and Grand Pin cabins are right on the shore of Berneuil Lake and access to the water couldn’t be easier. These cabins are also very close to Petit-Berneuil Lake. Other fishing lakes (Gibel, Pit, Lyon, Gardner et Puant) can only be reached by 4×4 trucks or four-wheelers (15 to 25 minute drive from our office).  The  Ruisseau, Renard and Panache cabins are accessible by 4×4 truck or four-wheeler (a 15-minute drive from our office). The Ruisseau cabin, appropriately named, is next to a creek where fishing is allowed. The Panache cabin is deep in the woods, with no fishing lake in close proximity.  Depending on the number of guests, at least one boat with oars is provided for each lake or cabin. No matter where you decide to fish on a given day, you need to make sure this activity is included in your reservation.

  • Can we access any lake on Baera Forest's property?

    There are some 10 lakes of varied sizes at Baera Forest. Fishing is allowed on seven (7) of them (including Berneuil Lake). No matter where you decide to fish on a given day, you need to make sure this activity is included in your reservation.

  • Do we have to clean our fish ourselves?

    We can take care of cleaning your fish, at a cost of $2 per fish. But if you have booked the service of one of our guides, cleaning is included in the guide fee.

  • Can we book a guide to help with our activities at Baera Forest?

    Yes, guides are available; booking is for a minimum of four (4) hours, at a fee of $55/hr. The fee does include a mode of transport. Please contact us or speak with our staff at Baera Forest for more details.


  • Do I need a provincial fishing permit?

    Yes. The Quebec fishing license is needed for fishing in any body of water within the province, for every person fishing. You must have this license in your possession at all time when you are fishing. You can buy your license at a variety of authorized dealers (many corner stores in our area, as well as fishing and hunting stores), or directly with us at Baera Forest. Several types of permit and fees exist, depending on the duration of your permit or the type of fish you will be allowed to catch.

  • Can we go fishing without a permit?

    Yes; children 17 and under can fish under one of their parents’ license. An adult can also fish under their spouse’s permit. In either case, the fishing quota is limited to that of the permit holder. Should you and your family wish to have access to a larger quota, supplemental fishing licenses will be required.

  • What are the fishing quotas?

    Possession quotas (either stored, or consumed) are as follow: Per day, per person: 2 northern pikes, 8 trouts – with a maximum per species of:

    • 5 brook trout per person
    • 3 rainbow trout per person
    • 2 lake trout per person (measuring 55 cm or more)

    There are no weight restriction for any of these. Typically at Baera Forest fish will weigh from a half-pound to 4 pounds (10 to 20 inch in length on average). Catch-and-release is not allowed, except when the fish is in perfect health with no sign of injury. Talk to one of our staff if you have questions about quotas.

  • When is fishing allowed?

    You can fish from sunrise to sunset at Baera Forest. You can fish as long as your quota allows: maximum of 2 northern pike and 8 trout (and no more than 5 brook trout, 3 rainbow trout and 2 lake trout).

  • When is the best time to fish?

    It’s always a good time to fish at Baera Forest! Although May and June are considered the “high season”, trout is here for you in summer and fall season too.

  • Can we eat the fish we catch during our stay?

    Yes, you can eat the fish you catch while you are here at Baera Forest, as long as you don’t exceed your daily quota (maximum of 2 northern pike and 8 trout (and no more than 5 brook trout, 3 rainbow trout and 2 lake trout)).

  • Are the trout lakes stocked at Baera Forest?

    Yes; our trout lakes are stocked in accordance with strict regulation to ensure healthy population of these fish species in the wild.

  • Can we buy fishing and hunting gear and equipment at Baera Forest?

    Yes, you can buy some items for fishing and hunting at Baera Forest, including live worms ($10 for a pack of 40).

  • What else do I need to know about my fishing experience at Baera Forest?

    At Baera Forest, we wish to go the extra mile to ensure all your expectations are met. We do ask that you follow these rules for environmental and ecological considerations:

    • Submit your fishing results form (or fishing report) before you leave
    • Tripods are not allowed
    • Night fishing is not allowed
    • No catch-and-release if there is any sign of injury (even minor injury)
    • Leeches and minnows are not allowed as bait
    • Only worms are allowed as bait
    • When transporting fish, it must be identifiable (by making sure there is sufficient skin left on it, for example)
    • For Lake Trout, given overall length must be verifiable, they shouldn’t be filleted; and you must ensure your catch can also be counted (how many individual fish you have in your possession)
    • Sport fishing is for personal consumption; your catch cannot be sold.

    Failure to comply with federal and provincial rules and regulations, such as quotas, are enforced by wildlife protection officers and can be subject to hefty fines (up to $1000). Any offender will be expelled from Baera Forest and no refund of any kind will be issued. 

    For any question about fishing in the province of Quebec, please contact 1-877-346-6763 or speak with a wildlife protection officer.


  • What are the prerequisites for hunting at Baera Forest?

    Any Quebec resident who wishes to hunt must first have his or her Hunter’s Certificate. This certificate is obtained after successful completion of the required training for the type of weapons (bow, crossbow, firearm) they wish to use.

    Anyone who wants to hunt with a firearm must do so in accordance with the Canadian Firearms Act. As such, hunters using a firearm must have a valid Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) (except if the hunter is under direct supervision of the PAL holder who has lent the firearm to the hunter). For wild turkey hunting, proof of completion of the appropriate course is required.

  • How can I get a hunting license?

    Quebec residents with a hunter’s certificate need to buy the hunting license required for the particular game he or she wishes to hunt. These licences can be bought at a number of authorized stores or other offices (several fishing and hunting stores included). You can also buy a license directly with us at Baera Forest (in which case you must inform us in advance, prior to your arrival and extra fees apply).

    At all times when you hunt, you must have the valid required license – either your own, or some cases, someone else’s (for example, for small game, an adult can hunt under their spouse’s license). For all categories, youth aged 12-17 and students aged 18-24 can hunt under an adult’s license.

    Quebec residents aged under 12 can be introduced to hunting before getting their certification. This is allowed under strict conditions, such as: being under the direct supervision of an adult aged 25 and over and who meets all requirements (license for the type of weapon used, wild turkey certification if needed, etc). This particular Introduction to hunting is only valid for a single year, and is a “once only” for each child.

  • What are the hunting quotas at Baera Forest?

    For grouse, migratory birds and all other small game species, there are quotas for daily harvest and overall possession. Details can be obtained online, or here at Baera Forest. For large game, quotas are as follow:

    • One white-tailed deer (4-point minimum) per hunter, per annual license
    • One moose per group of 2-5 hunters, per annual license
    • One black bear per seasonal license
    • Strictly no hunting of females with juvenile(s)

    Quotas are subject to change without notice.

    Failure to comply with federal and provincial rules and regulations, such as quotas, are enforced by wildlife protection officers and can be subject to hefty fines (up to $1000). Any offender will be expelled from Baera Forest and no refund of any kind will be issued.

  • Anything else I should know about hunting at Baera Forest?
    • Wearing an approved fluorescent orange bib is mandatory.
    • Weapons authorized for hunting vary according to dates and the type of game you are hunting.
    • Large game and wild turkey harvested must be registered.
    • Specific rules apply for transport of several species.
    • Game meat cannot be sold.
    • Night hunting is prohibited.
    • Hunters must fill out applicable wildlife activity forms.
  • How can I find out more about hunting in Quebec?

    You can call 1-866-248-6936 or consult with a wildlife conservation officer.

    For any information about training to obtain a hunter’s certificate or a wild turkey hunting attestation, you can contact the Fédération québécoise de la faune at 418 622-4006 or visit their website at www.fqf.qc.ca.



Located between the Outaouais and the Laurentides regions, Baera Forest is just a few hours’ drive from Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal and Quebec City.