Baera Forest
Berneuil Lake
Kiamika (Quebec)
Phone : 1 (450) 275-0535

To get to Baera Forest from Montréal, allow for 3 hours. Directions follow.
– Take Highway 15-North
– Follow through to Road 117-North
– Exiting the village of Labelle, head towards La Minerve until Chemin des Pionniers
– Take Road 6-West
– Continue onto Road 3-North
– Take Road 8-West until Baera Forest
– Follow Highway 15-North
– Take Highway 117-North until Lac-des-Écorces
– Turn left onto Rue de l’Église
– Follow instructions until Lac-du-Cerf via Route 311
– After Kiamika, take Chemin Lac-Kar-Ha-Kon and follow instructions to Baera Forest

To get to Baera Forest from Ottawa, allow for 2 hours. Directions follow.
– Take Road 309-North through Notre-Dame-Du-Laus
– Turn onto Chemin Ruisseau-Serpent until Road 8-East towards Baera Forest