Quebec Black Bear Hunting

During your black bear hunting session, you will enjoy a high density bear population per km2 exclusive to Baera Forest. Located on the border of the Laurentians and the Outaouais regions in Quebec, Canada, a few hours away from Ottawa, Ontario. Bear hunting packages include, active baited site, guide, fishing and a cozy private off-grid cabin.

In fall and spring alike, you may measure your skills against those of the Canadian black bear, Baera Forest’s totem animal. During your stay, you may also enjoy excellent trout or pike fishing.

Baera Forest — Authorized outfitter of the Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve

The Baera Forest, an outfitting operator licensed by the SEPAQ, is located at the outskirts of the Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve. The forest, undisturbed and of great beauty, teems with a stable population of native black bears.

“Black bear hunting in the Baera forest is high quality. Steve, our guide, shares his knowledge and his passion with great generosity. I enjoy each visit.”

Black bear hunting is a year-long passion. It starts in February when your guide visits all sectors to locate bear dens. He then installs remote control monitoring cameras and prepares each bait site with great care. During your hunting expedition, you will have access to a bait site that already attracts bears.


Steve MacLaughlin; an enthusiastic hunter with more than 30 years of experience

Steve McLaughlin is a hunter from early childhood. He started hunting bear at the age of 10, in the company of his father. This led him to develop a lifelong fascination for an animal emblematic of the Canadian boreal forest. He then undertook and completed studies in wildlife management. This enabled him to acquire a wealth of professional experience in the field, notably with the National Capital Commission (NCC).

For Steve, bear hunting is both an art and a passion. He hunts the awesome animal with a deep sense of respect and sincere admiration, in the purest tradition of hunting for household use where nothing is left left to waste.

“Bear hunting with Steve is a unique experience and opportunity to share his knowledge and passion. Everything is done with utmost respect for the animal and the environment.”



Hunting black bear with respect

At Baera Forest, bear hunting follows the age-old tradition of hunting and gathering for use. All parts of the animal are utilized, including the fur and the meat. No wastage is allowed.

For your added comfort an in the interest of making good use of all animal parts, snowmobile seats are covered with bear skin.

You can order cushions and mittens made of bear skin, on request.



Black bear – the sign of a healthy ecosystem

Black bears settle in healthy and well-balanced forest environments. Because they are large size omnivorous animals, they need a highly diversified flora and fauna to meet all their needs. The bears roaming the Baera Forest are spoiled with a vast territory where they can grow and reproduce. The local population is stable and in excellent health. We respect the established quotas and hunt in a responsible and ethical way.



Baera Forest hunters from abroad

Our hunters come from all over the world, including France, England, Germany, Belgium, Australia and the United States. The Baera Forest offers them an authentic experience of hunting black bear in a beautiful wilderness, in the company of an experienced guide who is passionate about his work.



The black bear, a fascinating animal

The black bear is an omnivorous animal that fascinates people. It can use its long and agile tongue to collect small fruits such as blueberries and strawberries. It is fond of larvae and insects, which it finds by digging under tree stumps and fallen trunks.

Despite its large size, the animal makes very little noise and can go unnoticed. It looks heavy and clumsy, but it can easily climb trees and runs as fast as 55 km/hr.

The black bear is gifted with an exceptionally fine sense of hearing and smell. When it feels threatened, it positions itself downwind of the danger and rises on its legs to find out where the threat is coming from. On windy days, bears can detect the presence of hunters and run away.

When it moves away from its habitat, the bear can find its way back up to a distance of 200 km. Males walk 50 km a day. Black bears roaming the forest follow the same paths, leaving signs of their presence that experienced hunters will recognize.

The black bear is a nocturnal animal, mostly active at dawn and at dusk, at least in the wild. When it approaches the city, it will try to avoid humans and be active mostly at night.

Bears may at times wake up from winter hibernation and wander for short periods of time. During this period, they can lose about 30% of their initial weight. At springtime, the animal drinks a lot to rehydrate and eats green shoots in areas that hunters can easily identify.

The animal may at times freeze and remain motionless for hours if threatened. Because of its stocky and massive-size body, the she-bear will fight to the death to protect its cubs. Unless they are rutting or mothering their cubs, black bears lead solitary lives. Males are generally less cautious and get caught more frequently.

Black bear hunting poses a great challenge for hunters. They must arm themselves with great patience in in order to chase, track down and catch the animal. Bears are fierce, smart and unpredictable, with a highly developed survival instinct.

By closely observing and studying animal behaviour over many yeas, Steve has been able to refine methods of bear tracking and hunting.



The Black Bear — A mythical animal

The bear stands for great strength and power. It represents the passing of seasons and the renewal of life. In Europe, it wore the crown of the animal kingdom for a long time.

It inspires fear since the dawn of time. It sparks the imagination and influences the culture of all those that cross its path.

In many legends and myths, the male bear falls in love with young women, kidnaps them and has superhuman children with them.

The legend of Callisto and Arcas

In ancient Greece, Callisto was a nymph seduced and raped by Zeus who gave her a child. Shot with an arrow by Artemis, goddess of Nature, Callisto turned into a she-bear and was separated from her son Arcas. This legend explains the origins of two constellations, the Big Dipper and the Small Dipper.

Big Bear, Small Bear

The Algonquins believe that the Great Dipper constellation is a she-bear chased by three hunters.

“Ours mal léché”

The French expression “ours mal léché” (poorly licked bear), dating back to the 17th century, evokes a badly groomed person, someone who is gruff, unpleasant, boorish, vulgar or impolite. The belief was that she-bears licked their cubs so that they could grow free of any malformation. An “ours mal léché” is malformed in the sense of being badly brought up.

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Requirements for hunters

Hunters must conform to the 10 East Zone rules and to Baera Forest’s rules. VIEW PDF

The following Canadian Firearms Program information of particular interest to Non-Residents.

Download form RCMP5589/CAFC909 or Call 1-800-731-4000

Additional Information for Bear hunters

When is black bear hunting season at Baera Forest?

From May 15 to June 30

  • All reservations during this period include fishing
  • Call us for fall dates

Our hunting stays packages

  • Accommodation in clean off-grid cozy private cottage.
  • Guided with a bear specialist
  • 617 sq. miles exclusive wildlife reserve
  • 80 baited sites by bear specialist
  • Fishing and fishing boat included
  • Freezer
  • ATV are allowed but not needed to get to sites

Options (extra)

  • Bear skinning available

Nightly rates

  • Adults and children aged 12 to 15: see the reservation calendar (price per person per night)
  • Minimum of 5 nights

Off-grid cottages and cabins

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Hunting dates are from May 15th to June 30th.
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