Moose Hunting

Hunters must conform to the Baera Forest rules for moose hunting.

The following Canadian Firearms Program information of particular interest to Non-Residents.
Download form RCMP5589/CAFC909 or Call 1-800-731-4000

Mid-September - Mid-October

Choose one of our three cosy cottages available for moose hunting at Baera Forest.

Le Ruisseau Cabin (for 2 to 14 people) on the edge of Murphy Creek
Le Héron Cabin (for 2 to 12 people) on the edge of Berneuil Lake
Le Grand Pin Cabin (for 2 to 10 people) on the edge of Berneuil Lake


Adult (16+) Child (12-15)*
2 or 3 4 or more
$143 $129 $71.50
5 nights minimum.
Provincial license not included
* Free for children 11 and under


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