BAERA FOREST – Who are we?
Our outfitter’s camp, first known as Lac Berneuil Outfitters and then as Makwa Forest, is a family business founded in 1939. It is an exclusive hunting and fishing territory located in Kiamika (Quebec), at the western tip of the Laurentians and at the edge of the Papineau-Labelle Reserve (south of Grand Lac-du-Cerf, with one of the best beaches in Canada). We offer six cosy cottages to let you engage in a wide range of outdoor activities whatever the season. All facilities are powered only by green energy.

How much does it cost?
Rates vary according to time of year, number of people in party, type of activity and, when applicable, cottage selected. To view our prices, click on tab for activity of your choice (or on «Cottages» tab), and check on availability in our calendar (as if you were to make a reservation). Prices will display.
What is supplied in each cottage? What do I bring?
For ecological reasons, Baera Forest operates on Pack-in/Pack-out! Solar energy supplies lighting (for shower and kitchen/bathroom sinks), and combines with propane for refrigerator, stove/oven as well as some lighting. Indoor toilets use water or composting. Outdoor toilets are available additionally. Wood stoves are slow-burning.

All cottages include:
– refrigerator and stove/oven
– propane BBQ (except in winter)
– wood stove, and wood to burn
– electrical (powered by solar panels) and/or propane lamps
– mattresses
– cookware, dishes and utensils
– kettle
– coffee maker (percolator)
– toilet, compost toilet or outhouse and toilet paper
– garbage bags
– boat
– biodegradable dishwashing and body soaps.

Please bring your OWN:
– complete bed linen (or sleeping bag), including pillows and pillow cases
– bath towels and face clothes, as well as dish clothes
– drinking water
– food and beverages
– clothing and personal effects
– fishing or hunting permit
– fishing or hunting equipment
– bait (leeches and minnows are prohibited) and fishing worms
– water safety jacket
– rain coat/gear
– insect repellent and sunscreen

To view photos and consult complete list of equipment at each location, go to ‘‘Cottages’’ section at baeraforest.com.

What are the hours of arrival and departure for the cottages?
Check-in is at 1 PM and check-out is at 11 AM.

Can I drink tap water at Baera Forest?
Clients are asked to supply their own drinking and cooking water. Water on site is not drinkable. Otherwise, it needs to be boiled for at least five minutes. But there is no need to boil it if it’s just for washing dishes.

Can I light fires outdoors at Baera Forest?
For safety reasons, outdoor fires are only allowed in designated area next to each cottage.

Are pets allowed at Baera Forest?
Pets are now allowed outdoors only (except for working dogs you may accompany their owner indoors). Failure to comply may result in extra cleaning fees up to 150$. Dogs must be on leash at all times and you must pickup your dog waste.

Can I smoke indoors at Baera Forest?
Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors and within a 9 meter perimeter of any door. Failure to comply may result in extra cleaning fees up to 150$. When outdoors never leave cigarettes butts on the ground to avoid risks of forest fire and for ecological reasons.

Can I park near the cottage?
Yes, right next to it.

When were Baera Forest cottages built?
Baera Forest dates back to 1939. The place has been systematically renovated over the years, and most recently in 2015. Further development projects are scheduled in coming years.
Equipment and Services

What rental equipment is available and at what rates?
Please bring your own life jacket or PFD. These are not available for hire at Baera Forest. Rates are as follow, including tax:
– Fuel or electric outboard motors: $45 for the first day, $35 for following days or $175 for 7 days.
– Fuel or battery refill: $10

Where can I charge the batteries for electric motors?
Depending on availability, you can borrow a solar panel to automatically recharge electric motors on the boat – as much as sunshine will allow. For additional charging, please ask the manager on site.

Are ATVs allowed at Baera Forest?
For safety reasons, all-terrain-vehicles are prohibited at Baera Forest, except at certain periods of the year when there is no hunting. Please ask the manager on site for details.

Is there WiFi at Baera Forest?
Baera Forest does not presently offer this service.

Does my cell phone work at Baera Forest?
Some cellular networks can be accessed at specific outdoor sites.

What kind of boats and motors are available at Baera Forest?
Baera Forest offers 14- and 16-feet wood or aluminium boats.
Fuel motors are 2.5 HP. Electric outboard motors are also available for hire.

Can I bring my own boat or motor?
You cannot bring your own boat, motor or motor boat to Baera Forest. However, canoes, kayaks, stand up paddle boards and other small nautical equipments are authorized. To prevent contaminating Baera Forest’s watershed, you must clean your equipment before launching onto any lake here.

Do I have to bring the motor over to the lake myself?
No, we offer your first installation during the stay. Afterwards, if you want to explore another lake (upon reservation with the manager), a boat will be waiting for you there, but getting the motor to it will be your responsibility. We offer transportation in and out to other lakes ($35 round trip).

Can I use a boat without owning a Pleasure Craft Operator Card?
No, but Baera Forest can instruct you briefly on site. Fees apply.

Can I camp outdoors at Baera Forest?
Please consult our calendar for opening dates.

Are the lakes far from the cottages?
Heron, Huard and Grand Pin cottages are on the shore of Lake Berneuil, with almost immediate access to Lake Petit Berneuil. Other fishing lakes (Gibel, Pit, Lyon, Gardner and Puant) can be reached by ATV or 4×4 within 15-25 minutes of the reception desk. Ruisseau, Renard and Panache cottages can be reached by ATV or 4×4 within 15 minutes of reception. Renard and Ruisseau cottages are located on streams (where you can fish, in the latter case). Panache is our cottage in deep forest, away from water. Depending on the number of guests, at least one boat (with oars) is supplied at each location. Wherever you wish to fish on a particular day, please first make a reservation with the manager.

Can I access all lakes at Baera Forest?
The property has a dozen lakes, varying in size, of which seven offer fishing (including Lake Berneuil). Wherever you wish to fish on a particular day, please first make a reservation with the manager.

Does Baera Forest clean fish?
Yes, it costs $2 per fish. This service is included when you hire a guide.

Can I hire a fishing or hunting guide at Baera Forest?
Yes, guides are available for a minimum of 4 hours at $55 per hour (this includes the vehicle). Please ask the manager on site.

Do I need a provincial fishing permit?
Yes, a permit is required for all lakes in Quebec, and for each person fishing. You must carry the permit with you at all times when fishing. Permits can be obtained from authorized dealers, such as local grocery stores and other local suppliers of fishing and hunting equipment, or with Baera Forest. There are many types of permits at various prices, depending on species and duration of activity.

Can I fish without having bought a permit?
Yes, in the case of children and teens who can fish on the basis of a parent’s permit. Adults can also fish on basis of their spouse’s permit. Such groups need to share the individual quota. If the spouse or child wishes to hold their own quota, full permit fee applies (same price for individual adults and children).

What are the daily quotas (or in-possession limit per day)?
You can hold (either as eaten or frozen) up to the following on a daily basis:
– 8 brook trout per person
– 6 rainbow trout per person
– 2 pikes per person
– 2 lake trout per person; length (from the fork) limited to 55 cm.
There are no weight restrictions for whatever species. Catches vary between half a pound to 4 pounds, or between 10 to 20 inches. Throwing back into the water is prohibited unless fish is totally healthy.

Is there a specified period during which to fish?
Fishing is open from sunrise to sunset. Clients fish to their liking per their daily in-possession quota, that is: 8 brook trout, 6 rainbow trout, 2 lake trout and 2 pikes.

What is the best time of the year to fish?
Any time is the best time to fish. Although May and June are the high season, trout is around throughout summer and fall.

Can I eat, on site, the fish I catch?
Yes, you can eat all you want within the daily in-possession quota, that is: 8 brook trout, 6 rainbow trout, 2 lake trout and 2 pikes.

Are the trout lakes stocked at Baera Forest?
Yes, according to strict ecological guidelines, in order to preserve all species and environment.

Can I buy or rent hunting or fishing equipment at Baera Forest?
Yes. For example, we sell worms at $10 per container of 40.

What else do I need to know about fishing at Baera Forest?
Baera Forest will always do their best to accommodate your needs. However the following restrictions apply for ecological reasons.
– You must fill out your Fish Caught Form.
– No tripods.
– No fishing by night.
– No throwing back into the water injured fish.
– No leaches and minnows as live bait.
– Worms are the only live bait allowed without restriction.
– When transporting catches, leave a piece of skin so the fish species can be identified.
– However, in the case of lake trout which cannot exceed 55 cm as a catch, making fish filets is prohibited because this species also needs to be counted.
– Fish caught as a sport cannot be sold.

If regulations/quotas are not respected, a $1000 fine is payable on site. Offenders will immediately be escorted off the premises anwill lose all privileges without refund.

For any further information about fishing in Quebec generally, dial 1-877-346-6763 or consult a conservation agent.

What are the pre-requirements to hunting?
Any Quebec resident who wishes to hunt must first get a permit. And to get a hunting permit, you must first successfully take training which is specific to the kind of weapon you wish to carry. This training will give you a hunting certificate (resident only).

As well, anyone wishing to hunt with a firearm must abide by the federal Firearms Act. This act requires anyone wishing to carry a specific weapon to hold a permit, unless he/she is under the direct supervision of the person lending the firearm. In addition, in the case of wild turkey, you also need a certificate showing you have taken the necessary training.

How do I get a hunting permit?
A Quebec resident who has obtained a hunting certificate can get a hunting permit specific to the species he/she wishes to hunt. Hunting permits are sold by authorized dealers (suppliers of fishing and hunting equipment, local grocery stores, or with us for an additional fee (upon request, in advance).

You can only hunt if you have a permit, whether your own or, in certain cases, someone else’s. That is, where small game is concerned, an individual may hunt on the basis of his/her spouse’s permit. For any type of hunting, youth aged 12 to 17 and students aged 18 to 24 can hunt on the basis of an adult’s permit.

Residents less than 12-year-old can try out before certifying. This can be enjoyed in the company of a resident who is aged at least 25-year-old, holds the certificate specific to the firearm used and, when applicable, the wild-turkey certificate. This opportunity applies to any type of hunt, but for a single year.

How many hunting catches am I allowed at Baera Forest?
In the case of ruffed and spruce grouse as well as migrating birds, there are both a daily catch and a daily in-possession limit. For other small game, both limits also apply. In the case of large game, quotas are as follows:
– 1 deer (must be 4 points or more) per hunter per annual permit
– 1 moose per 2 to 5 hunters per annual permit
– 1 bear per seasonal permit
it is forbidden to hunt sows with cubs.

These quotas are subject to change without prior notice.

If regulations/quotas are not respected, a $1000 fine is payable on site. Offenders will immediately be escorted off the premises and will lose all privileges without refund.

What else do I need to know about hunting at Baera Forest?
– Hunters are required to wear a fluorescent orange safety vest.
– Weapons allowed may vary according to period of the year and species hunted.
– Large game and wild turkey must be counted.
– Specific rules apply to the transportation of many species.
– Game meat cannot be sold.
– Hunting by night is prohibited.
– You must fill out the appropriate Wildlife Observation Form
Where do I find out more about hunting in Quebec?
Please dial 1-866-248-6936 or consult a conservation agent.
For information concerning courses leading to the delivery of the general hunting certificate as well as to the specific wild-turkey certificate, please contact the Fédération québécoise de la faune at 1-418-622-4006 or visit www.fqf.qc.ca.