Nestled well into the woods or alongside beautiful streams, isolated from each other, Baera Forest’s cosy cottages provide access to wilderness in full comfort, three seasons over. Group capacity ranges between two and fourteen. Each cottage is equipped with propane refrigerator, propane stove, kitchen accessories, wood stove, toilet and hot-water shower. Solar panels cover basic needs for electrical energy and care for the environment.

Le Héron

Le Héron is on the shores of Lake Berneuil. It accommodates from two to twelve persons and offers both a dock and a private beach.

Le Grand Pin

Sitting on the shore of Lake Berneuil and close to one of its islands, Le Grand Pin welcomes two to ten people.

Le Huard

Le Huard overlooks Lake Berneuil and accomodates two to six visitors. Its outdoor shower will appeal to those who prefer a closer-to-nature experience.

Le Ruisseau

Le RuisseauThe cottage we call Le Ruisseau is located close to Murphy Creek, a much-envied fishing site. It can accommodate from two to fourteen people. (Under renovation. Photos to come.)

Le Renard

Le RenardRight in the middle of the forest and close to several lakes, Le Renard is equipped for two to six persons. Its only neighbours are the Whitetail deers. (Under renovation. Photos to come.)

Le Panache

Le PanacheAlso in the heart of Baera Forest and close to lakes, Le Panache can welcome two to six people. It too is visited by wild-life only. (Under renovation. Photos to come.)